Brahman Association

Brahman is an association around the well-being reunited techniques Personal Development .

Vincent Barbierato
Vincent Barbierato

Liberator of suffering technique invented in connexion with Ancestral and Esoterics concepts.
President of the association.

CV Artistique

2013  Creator and master of martial-art Shao-jutsu

Juin 2012  Fitness and Health Fair organized in partnership with the Aikido Club and the town hall of Grézieu la Varenne.

2012  Writing the book La Triangulaire

2011 - 2012  SDP - Method of self-defense against all types of attacks on all types of people.
Used to initiate the self-defense methods based on movement and dodging through trainings that are related to the art of movement.

2010 - 2013  Self-defense training for ENS LYON students thanks to the SDP association in classrooms and dojos in and outside Lyon.

2009  ENS Lyon produced a self-defense film promoting the techniques of self-defense instructor Vincent Barbierato and his SDP association, with assistant Paul GIRARD, a student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure.
. The film was produced and edited on DVD by the ENS SCAM team.
We would also like to thank the President of the ENS, without whose investment and approval this project would not have been possible.

2009 - 2010  Training at Krav-Maga club of Vienne.

2008 - 2009  Training of French Boxe club of Vénissieux.

2001 - 2012  Sculptor painter in Art Brut.
  • Nationally renowned, protection INPI (National Institute of Industrial Protection).
  • Exhibitor for 3 years in market creation in Lyon.
  • Twenty exhibitions in galleries, bars, municipal places, etc ... in Lyon and other cities in France.
  • Performances on stage during concerts.
  • Guest of honor of the painting academy of Lyon.
  • Several exhibitions by painter Vincent BARBIERATO at the ENS over several years.

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