Self-Defense Civil Security System methode S.D.P ( Système de Défense Personnel)

Self-defense lessons in Lyon
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Vincent Barbierato, international self-defense instructor, having obtained various international certificate in self-defense, martial arts and combat sports.

He is a level III expert instructor in Krav-Maga, Kapap, DPO instructor, civil, police, international group self-defense, president France of L'AIDP Military, official representative for France Sistema Braseileiro de Defesa Pesoal, 5 th Black Belt Self-Defense System Supreme A.F.K.K American Federation, Doctor Grand Master Soke of the martial art Shao-Jutsu, president of the Shao-Jutsu International community, president of S.D.P France.
Dai Sifu WMAF, Shaolin Kenpo, SAPI, WMO, WUMA, kenpo GMF, Street Self-Defense, AMAS, Warriors kempo & kenpo Karate.
Vincent Barbierato is a self-defense coach for groups or individual courses, for beginners or advanced, teaching realistic and effective techniques.


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Defense / Controls / Parades / Counterattacks:
On fists, feet, head, elbows, thrusts, seizures, strangulation, brought to the ground. These are the most common attacks.
The goal during the internships is to learn to acquire a technical basis, basic concepts that can save your life, without saying that you are an expert.
This based on common sense, observation, we will see the most effective techniques, the gestures to have, the movements, the behavior to have, the withdrawal and the flight when it is necessary, the strategies, the techniques of dodging, conflict management, etc ...
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The security personnel today are limited or totally ignore the self-defense techniques, I know many security agents who tell me to be disarmed if they have to physically intervene in the face of aggression.
No training is offered to them There is a real demand for security guards to have at least basic notions of self-defense.
In Belgium, it is now mandatory for security guards to have a 9-hour self-defense training per year.
Security guards are at the forefront of the growing violence in our societies and they do not have a lot of physical means to deal with aggression.
Do not confuse pure boxing with boxing and self-defense or there is a whole range of techniques and answers without percussion.
I offer my services for a good method of self-defense simple and pragmatic, SELF DEFENSE TRAINING FOR SECURITY AGENTS IN THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK OF THE PROFESSION.
Coach self defense and in the martial arts.

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Khalid Albaoui - Interpreter of Shao-Jutsu International English, Arabic, French.

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