La Triangulaire

Personal development method written by Vincent Barbierato, nationally acclaimed writer

Broché : 104 pages
Editeur : (10 Novembre 2012)
Langue : Français
ISBN-10 : 1291082190
ISBN-13 : 978-1291082197
Prix : 15,23€

The author conducted an extensive search of work for several years to gather all the information that are available in this book.
This book has a few pages but it is extremely dense.
Advice will be offered, which will help you progress in your life path.
So you will know how to locate to the world around you.
The various spiritual keys listed in this book will lead you to understand the psychological and spiritual principles that connect us to the universe.
This book is part of the great whole, like you.

Maître Jésus la lumière du monde

Life of Master Jesus, from his birth to 29 years

Broché : 40 pages
Editeur : (14 Mai 2014)
Langue : Français
ISBN-10 : 1291852549
ISBN-13 : 978-1291852547
Prix : 8,44€

This work will be part of the sign of the revelation of life poorly understood Master Jesus, I intend to make decisive elements of the Divine mission one we still talk today.
Indeed, it has happened from birth to twenty-nine years? I intend to enlighten you because there is very little written about it and especially they are fragments scattered in different versions around the world.
My vision and study dealing with this period of the life of Jesus is exclusive, because I did not simply work events overlap.

Etre Chaman paroles pour l'âme

Broché : 54 pages
Editeur : (28 Septembre 2014)
Langue : Français
ISBN-10 : 1326031643
ISBN-13 : 978-1326031640
Prix : 10,55€

This work is a work of twenty years of study that helped me make this book.
I pay tribute to my way at all shamans who help their sisters and brothers already heal themselves and their spells that can inflict beings.
Quote Tecumseh, Shawnee chief
When you get up in the morning, Thanks for daylight to your life and your strength. Thanks for the food and the joy of living. If you do not see a reason to thank, the fault lies in yourself.
That being said.

Sur le chemin de la libération

Broché : 160 pages
Editeur : Le Lys Bleu Editions
Langue : Français
ISBN-10 : 1042205639
ISBN-13 : 979-1042205638
Prix : 18,90€

Sur le chemin de la libération is the result of 23 years' research, culminating in a work that ranks among the most exhaustive books on personal development.
It compiles all the proven techniques in this field, offering invaluable advice for improving your personal, romantic and professional life.
By enabling you to position yourself and adapt to various situations and events, it will enlighten you on the mechanisms of life.

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